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Multisim database is not complete how do I update

I have recently purchased a copy of MultiSim 10.0 for a course and the labs are calling for components which are not listed in the component database. I downloaded a pdf with a list of what components are suposed to be available and the 2N4123 transistor is listed there. How do I update the componets database with all componets?
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What version of Multisim do you have? Student, Standard, Full, or Power Pro?
Ryan R.
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Sometimes people don't understand how to search, make sure you have master database selected and then search like this:


If you don't nail it exactly, it comes back as NULL. The multiply sign creates a wildcard.

Try that and report back.

If you REALLY need it I can post a project on my file repository site for you to download it.


Signature: Looking for a footprint, component, model? Might be here >
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I Have the student Version. Is there a listing of files for components anywhere that can be down loaded. To add to the user DB.
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I used the wild card search for "All Families" and Transitors. I searched under *412*, *4123*, *2N4*, *2N4123*. When looking at the master list, which appears to be in alphabetical order I don't see it listed above the 2N4124. It's just not there. Ive attached a screen shot of the menu where I'm looking.

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Here is a copy of the 2N4124 from my database. Hopes it helps.
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Signature: Looking for a footprint, component, model? Might be here >
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I need a IR 2103. plase help mee!

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Need to get MAX1709 database..If anyone is having that please help me..I am using Powerpro version...

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