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Multisim Voltmeter Reading

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Hi All 


Im new to multisim and was playing around with a few practice experiments 


The voltmeter reads 5p and 0.0135n, what does p and n mean???


This was when connecting a 74LS04 with a switch and voltmeter on input and output.


If anyone knows what 5p (volts) means on the voltmeter id greatly appreciate it.

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Accepted by topic author vjbharadwaj

Hi vjbharadwaj,



n stands for nano,  1 x 10 ^ -9


p stands for pico, 1 x 10 ^ -12 or 1 / 10¹²


Aside from being new to Multisim you also seem to be new to METRIC PREFIXES. Or are you really? I'm somewhat puzzled since you are a LabVIEW user.



Best regards,

G. Goodwin

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Aside from being puzzled with

vjbharadwaj I'm now also puzzled why the tag pico was converted to Pico. Using the Back button I verified that I supplied all lowercase characters. The information page for this tag shows that it was used first in this thread. As a tag the case may not be important but properly pico should be in small letters.

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Thank you Goodwin


I really appreciate the help. I learnt something new today thanks to you.


Yes i am a casual labview user and a new multisim user but very familiar with metric prefixes.


However in my years of experience with various real world instruments, PLCs and computers i have never seen a volt meter or any industrial measuring instrument use pico and nano as notations. this may be obvious to a seasoned NI software or multisim user but baffles a simpleton noob like me.


I really wish this was in the Help section in the software to make it easier for new users.

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