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Multisim Teaching For Remote Learning Via VMWare (COVID-19 Precautions)


Our campus as the NI Academic Site License for Multisim.  Currently we use the software on physical computers.  I've been asked to examine the possibility of installing the software on our VMware VSphere environment in case our campus suspends classes temporarily due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak.  Currently I must manually register each workstation that uses the software.  In our VMware environment, we do not create persistent virtual machines for the students as it is not cost effective and can pose a security risk.  In a circumstance such as this, is there a means by which I can configure Multisim for use on a VM without creating a separate, persistent virtual machine for each student?  For the sake of clarity, each time a student VM is shut down, it is destroyed.  When a student requests a VM (logs in to a specific account), the VM is newly-created in the background.  This prevents the spread of any malware that could become a part of a persistent VM.


Thank you for any insights,



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