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Multisim-LabVIEW cosimulation

Hi there,

I am trying to compile a Co-simulation between LabVIEW and Multisim in a Control and Simulation Loop. So I am using Multisim Design Palette to import the external model. Unfortunately I am allowed to use only a number of 25 Pins for a single model. Does anybody know a way to increase that max number o pin or a way to "Merge" more signal in an array, so that i could reduce the number of Pin?


Thank you in advanced.

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  Based on the text , there is specific number of pins, number of components in the array depends on them. Its what we have in the Multisim Component Reference.  

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Hi, thank you for your Help.

I read Multisim Referente Guide but It doesn't say anything about data sharing during co-simulation with LabVIEW. I Hoped someone had a trick or a way to use , for example, more than One Multisim Model. 

Thank you again by the way.



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You could try using more modules for adding extra pins, or maybe have a few arrays and use a priority line, but there is no existing examples, You should try by yourself. 

No problem, good luck!

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yes in fact I'm trying this way. Two models linked in LabVIEW, but unfortunately, even if the program works, they seem to behave as two independent circuits instead of two parts of a larger one. So I'm trying to make them interact as one larger circuit. I haven't thought to priority line, maybe it could help. 

Thank you for the suggestion.

T. Matteo

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Sure, share the results after, it might help others, and it's interesting would it work or not.


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if ever it will work I surely post results!


Best regards


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Hi, I just would like to share the fact that the 25 pin's problem was an actual limit of the software. Unfortunately It was not possible to have more than one model because they will not interact properly like a single one. I read just one paper which suggests to use a Decoder in Multisim, but it wasn't a good solution for my problem. So i had to give up and work with a simpler model. 

Best regard

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