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Multisim Export database

After few days working at home on a circuit, I tried to transfer all my work from my Laptop to my office computer but the Multisim User database is not updated.
I tried to copy and paste all the databases from one computer to the other one and, again, Multisim User database is not updated..
Where is that database???
Harold Hebert
National Research Council Canada
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There is an option to export the database. Look under TOOLS>DATABASE>DATABASE MANAGER>COMPONENTS>USER DATABASE. This will export the user database to a .PRZ file. Take this file to another computer and load it onto it. After that go back to the same dialog box you exported it from on the new computer and select import. This should do it.

Let me know if you have already done this. If you have then there may be something else going on.

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Have a Nice Day
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Hi Harold:

I suspect you haven't copied your user database. The "user" database in C:\Program Files\National Instruments\Circuit Design Suite 10.0\database\UsrComp_S.usr is only a template for creating the user database.

On Windows 2000\XP the user database is located at C:\Documents and Settings\<USER NAME>\Application Data\National Instruments\Circuit Design Suite\10.0\database\UsrComp_S_<USER NAME>.usr
On Windows Vista the user database is located at C:\Users\<USER NAME>\AppData\Roaming\National Instruments\Circuit Design Suite\10.0\database\UsrComp_S_<USER NAME>

When you copy the user database to another computer, make sure you give it the correct name because the default location and file name is user dependent.

You can always check where your user database is located by selecting Options > Global Preferences and then select the Paths tab. From there you can also select another database as your user database.

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National Instruments
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Thank you very much Lacy and KoeKje,
In fact, I did copy only a template of the user database.
For the export function of the user database my mistake was to not select the proper database in the menu of the database manager.
All export/import fields was grayed of course because the selected database was the master database.
Many thanks.
Harold Hebert
National Research Council Canada
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What am I not selecting correctly -- import and export "buttons" are unavailabe on both the computer I had been using, and the computer I have moved Multisim 10.1 to -- a screen shot is posted. 


I have copied the UserDatabase file (not the template) from the old system.  Can I just replace the existing file in the Applications Data/National Instruments folder?

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The Import/Export buttons are only enabled in the Power Pro version.


If you do not have Power Pro, the best solution would be to do as you have suggested, that is to copy over your old User Database to your new computer.


The following procedure outlines how to replace this file:


1. In Multisim, select Options>>Global Preferences.  Here you will find the path to your User Database.

2. Navigate to the folder specified in the User Database path.  Here you will find the User Database, which is of the form UsrComp_S_*.usr.

3. Copy over the UsrComp_S_*.usr file from your old computer.

4. In Multisim, select Options>>Global Preferences.  Under User Database, enter the location of the database that was just copied over.  Note: Database names are user-dependent; you may need to rename the file.


You will need to restart Multisim in order for the changes to take effect.


Best Regards,


Natasha Baker
R&D Engineer
National Instruments

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Thanks, not that it makes me happy to cut and paste to accopmlish this.


You might want to outline the procedure in the documentation or help files.

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