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Multisim Circuit

Where can I get help with a circuit I created? Currently it is not functioning the way I need and I have to add a 4 position rotate switch, as well as a sound.

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@Adam81986 wrote:

Where can I get help with a circuit I created?

Right here in this forum.

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The purpose of this circuit is that it acts as a dice rolled for a board game. The 14 LEDs will choose a random number as you hold the push button(S1) down. I need to add in a reset switch and a four position rotator switch in. Once and awhile this circuit will work other times I will receive the second picture error.


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Well all LEDs light up however they are duplicate as the others are i am wondering if i need a second 4017.

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Hi Adam81986,



I don't have Multisim so I cannot open the circuit from your latest post. From the image(s) in your previous post, however, I think these are errors in the right "die":


  • The anode of the center LED is connected to ground. I think you would want to connect this to the anode of the center LED in the left "die".
  • The junction of the cathodes of the bottom-left, center, middle-right, and bottom-right LEDs is floating. I believe it should be connected to ground.


Well all LEDs light up however they are duplicate as the others are ...

If you connect the corresponding LEDs of the left and right dice in parallel, there's no surprise "they are duplicate as the others are."



... i am wondering if i need a second 4017.

There are many ways of creating the circuit, you can try the two-4017 approach to the design problem.



Best regards,

G. Goodwin


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I appreaciate the help I caught those first errors you mentioned and realized that they are in parallel, it has been two days of trail and error to figure out how to get the second 'die' to act on its own. I added a 4017 IC and had it try to wire the to match the first one without adding a second 555. However it only gives power to the LEDs and does not rotate the LEDs through.

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I may have figured it out however can you explain what the bottom photo means? That keeps coming up





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Regarding this Simulation Error message, I took a detailed look at your circuit but I think I cannot render further help about this especially since I don't have Multisim. In Multisim Live, as a Free Subscription user, I don't have access to sequential devices. Besides, the (CD)4017 might not be available as of this time even to Premium account users. You should try to clear this error message first before putting additional functions/components. Here are my recommendations:


  • Temporarily remove less important functions/components from your circuit. Delete the buzzer, remove C2 (0.1 μF in the output of 555 timer, you may however reduce it to 0.01 μF and transfer it to CONtrol pin). You can save to a new filename so the old version can be easily restored.
  • Temporarily replace the 555 timer with a clock source.
  • Try running the simulaton with reduced LED curent (larger series resistance).
  • Read the Convergence help topic. For Multisim Live Help > Simulation > Convergence. Multisim (Desktop) application may have more options or parameters and, consequently, might have expanded discussion.
  • Verify if the error will still appear with simple (CD)4017 application circuit such as running lights.


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Also, click the Yes button in that dialog box to run Convergence Assistant.


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I have slowly started to remove wires and items but when i run the convergence assistant it says it cannot reproduce the problem.

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