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Multisim - AC Magnitude analysis


Hello all,


I have designed a voltage regulator on Multisim with an AC voltage input, transformer, bridge rectifier and zener diode. I would like to simulate and analyse the line regulation of the regulator. This requires varying the AC voltage magnitude and see if there are any changes to the output voltage.

I was considering using the Parameter sweep to change the magnitude of the AC input however this does not seem to be working - please see screenshots of analysis setup and resulting waveform of the AC input:



As can be seen, even though I have set the settings so that the AC magnitude changes from 200 to 300V RMS in 10V steps with each iteration, the graph shown shows that the voltage does not change between each iteration.


Can someone advise on how to set the settings so that I can vary the AC input voltage?

Thank you very much!


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