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Multisim 8 student suite when trying to load gives me a security error.

I recently purchased Mulitsim 8 Studentsuite and once installed I try to open it and all it does is give me a popup box that says security error. Can some one give me ideal on what to do or how to fix.
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Security error message is -most of the times- related to not having proper administrator privileges in several folders of your installation. Here is a knowledgebase that will help you resolve this issue.
Follow the instructions from this KB, however, make sure that you apply the same security settings to the following folders -which are the install path-:
EWB9\Multisim Users
If you have Multisim 8, it should be the same, instead of EWB9 is EWB8. The main objective is to give to any user the Full Control setting for those folders.
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