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Multisim 14.2.0 not installing

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Hello all:


I have managed to install LABVIEW 2019,2018 and 2017 however I have issues installing Multi-sim (Circuit Design Suite 14.2.0) as shown:

Where do I find these runtime packs for labview 2018 and 2017 sp1 f3, it does not make sense why it is needed, you cannot uncheck it.

It shows I have the lisences also.



Multisim issues.pngMultisim issues 2.png



Any help would be appreciated.


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Please ask on the NI Package Manger board.


In this post they solved it by reinstalling Windows, but there must be a simpler solution.

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Thank you for the reply how do I move the post to another?


I hope there is another solution besides reinstalling.

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Accepted by topic author Dilly96


I had no choice but to install it on a spare laptop and works fine as I did not want to do a reset on windows on my main computer.

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