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Multisim 14.1 (Running on machines with no admin rights)

Hi All,

I have been trying to get Multisim 14.1 to run on our student machines, that have no administration rights, and it just hangs on startup.  Login using an account with admin rights, it works just fine.

Has anyone had issues with this, or is it me just been driven mad.


Any help please



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Hey Paul,


I've had a look and its possible this is to do with loading configuration data from the Program Files folder on the C drive. From this forum post it looks like maybe there needs to be read/write access granted to certain user accounts which may not be present.


This is a bit of a wild guess though, and I could be wrong.


Let me know it if helps!


Applications Engineer
National Instruments (UK)
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Hi Mitch,

Thanks for the suggestion, I have applied some new rights to the National Instruments directory, basically Everyone with modify.


Proof of the pudding, will let you know how it goes.


Kind regards




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