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Multimeter display font too small



Windows and Multisim versions?

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Windows 10, Multisim 14.1

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I changed my resolution all the way down to 1366 x 768. For it to take effect I did have to shut down my laptop and open everything again. Another solution is to use the Agilent DMM and the Probes allow you to set the font.


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It looks like this went away.  I am having the same issue with windows 10 and 14.1.   Mine is the display on the frequency counter.  It would be nice to know if this is still being looked at.  It does not seem to be related to my laptop display settings at all.

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Hello John,


Has this issue been resolved yet? I am having the same problem. Windows 10, Multisim 14.1, 4k UHD display. I have to strain my eyes to make out the reading on the multimeter every time. Thanks for the help...

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