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Multimeter display font too small

The font on my Multimeter display is way too small and I cannot figure out how to edit it.  I have tried changing font sizes in the settings but cannot seem to affect the Multimeter display.  Can anyone help me make the font bigger.  I attached a photo of the Multimeter text.  I would like the font to be the same size (10) as the rest of the fonts.Screenshot_1.png

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Do you by any chance are using Windows 10?


What version of Multisim are you using?

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I am using windows 10 and multisim 14.1

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Hello Pepsihut,


Could you post a screenshot of your Windows 10 display settings? I'm curious to know how things are set at a system level.




John H.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Is there any solution for this? I'm experiencing the same thing here and it looks it is related to the monitor resolution (4K monitor)

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I, too, have Multisim 14.1 and Windows 10 and the font on the multimeter is too small. 

Is there a solution? I have set my screen resolution down to 1600 x 900. 

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Can you provide us with pictures of the issue you are seeing? 

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Here, a simple picture with a multimeter: as you can see, the digits are way too small

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Hi tonyralmeida,


Do you have a 4K monitor too, or are you using a laptop?

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A laptop with a 4k display

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