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Multi Parameters Sweep Together


I want to know if someone is able to assist me with this. I have a third order high pass filter.2018-12-18_16-36-34.png I want to perform multiple swap of R1, R2 and R3 to be

R1     R2      R3

1K     1k      1k

2k      2k      2k

 .         .        .

8k      8k      8k


I am aware that I can use nested sweep. However, I only need those values (not all possibilities which will take ages and useless combinations. So I need 1k,1k,1k and 2k,2k,2k only for example not all possible combinations.


Problem of list or linear multi swap is, it passes single R1 with all other R2 and R3 other values resulting in unnecessary results. Instead of 8 graphs, I will end up getting 8 x 8 x 8 graphs !


I have enclosed the file for evaluation and possible solution if found by any. All help is deeply appreciated



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