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Monte carlo analysis issue



I am new to simultaion using Multisim. I am facing problem in understanding parameters in monte carlo analysis, when adding tolerance in configuration, if I select resistor in "Device Type" and have more than one resistor in my circuit then "Name" tab displays r2:xr1 or r1:xr2. What does it mean? Please explain.

Thanks Smiley Happy

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Please help.

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Hi powerlab,


Here it is information about Monte Carlo analysis and here it is a YouTube tutorial as well (it talks about Monte Carlo after minute 9:30)

I hope this helps you to understand.

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Hi Pedro!

I have already seen both, but still i am confused about the "Name" tab. Please consider that I want to apply monte carlo analysis on simple VDR network having two resistors r1 and r2 in series. In that case "Name" tab displays 4 options that are "r1:xr1", "r2:xr2", "r1:xr2" or "r2:xr1", what does it mean? Also, explain about "Present Value" tab, why it shows half value of resistance that is if r1 is 1000 and I select "r1:xr1" in "Name" tab then "Present Value" shows 500.

Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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I am not sure right now, it seems to be something related to the circuit you are seeing or some configuration because I've tried to get those r1:xr1 and I haven't been able to. Can you upload this circuit?


I also recommend you to get the Monte Carlo example from Multisim -> Help so you can compare your settings and components with the ones there.

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Thanks Pedro!

I simulated the example circuit, and compared my circuit and parameters with it. It seems that I was using different model of resistor. I copied the resistor from example to my circuit and now i am not getting those r1:xr1 etc.

Thanks again Smiley Happy

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You are welcome powerlab Smiley Happy

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