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Modeling Lorenz Attractor Circuit in Multisim

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I'm currently working in multisim to model several chaotic circuits. I have had no difficulties with previous circuits, but when I attempt to build the Lorenz Attractor circuit, I keep getting a convergence error, and I cannot figure out why. I even attempted to build the circuit piece by piece, with random AC signal generators in place of X, Y, and Z just to test the configuration of my components (i.e. to see if the integrating circuits would run - which they did), but once I connected the multipliers and all other appropriate connections, it would no longer run, and would print a convergence error. I've attached both an image (in case you can visually tell whats wrong) and the multisim file. Any help with this would be much appreciated - as I am at a complete loss.

Thank you

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I don't know if there's another way to do this. But I did resolve the problem. It was something as simple as the wires not being fully connected where I believe they had been. I am new to multisim, so perhaps in time, I will not make simple mistakes like this.

Thank you - I don't know how to mark this as resolved.

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