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Missing Digital Options in Student Edition

My students are unable to see the Digital Clock / Flip Flops & Latches / BCD to 7 Segment Decoders options in the Digital toolbar.  This is what their screen/options look like:

Flip Flop Latch problem.JPG


This is what my screen/options shows:

Flip Flop Latch problem 2.JPG


Is this because they are registered as a student and I'm registered as a instructor?  If not, is there a way for them to have the same options as myself?


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Hi bpersons,



Your students are logged-in for Free Subscription, they should activate Premium Access. I don't have experience with this process because I am only a Free Subscription user but I hope you can complete the activation through this: Multisim Live Premium.



Best regards,

G. Goodwin


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My students are using Multisim Live premium access.  I was also informed to try and have students to clear the cache and cookies so i am in the process now of doing that.  I will also check and make sure what version they are using, thank you for the advise and insight for this.  This year is a struggle but this on line version seems to be pretty decent when it works. 

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The digital components that you have available in the screenshot is from the Free tier.


Please have the students confirm that Account Access Level says Premium on the Profile settings page.




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ok thank you so much. 

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