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Measuring ripple voltage?

I've constructed a bridge rectifier with a capacitor. Is there a way in Multisim to measure ripple voltage?

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Hi villabacho,


You can use the cursors to measure the characteristics of ripple.


The image below is a Bridge Type Full-Wave Rectifier circuit and the Configuration Pane showing the simulation settings.


Diode Bridge Full-Wave Rectifier (Schematic).png


The next image below shows the Grapher Window and how cursors are used for measuring the ripple voltage after a Transient Simulation run. Cursor C2 measures the maximum voltage at the output while C1 measures the minimum. The measured values are at the bottom of the window, ΔY is the difference between C2 and C1.


Diode Bridge Full-Wave Rectifier (Grapher).png


Although I used Multisim Live for this, cursors are also available in Multisim (Desktop) application.


Best regards,
G. Goodwin


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Great, that was what I was looking for. Thank you.

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