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Hey there guys, I'm seeking some help for finding the proper dimensions and footprints when transferring from Multisim to Ultiboard, I'm having a really tough time finding the proper manufacturers to match the required footprints and dimensions that I need... These are the measurements that I'm struggling with... Resistors : Footprints:10.16mm Dimension : 6mm x 3mm 2.2 uF Capacitors : Footprints: 5.08mm Dimension : 7mm dia x 12mm height 10 uF Capacitors : Footprints: 7.62mm Dimension : 6mm dia x 3mm height Those measurements will be evaluated if they're matching their requirement hence why I need to have them approximately. I've got this circuit due for in a couple of days and I am completely stuck there so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You have to check in the component datasheet what kind of part is. You can watch what footprints are available from the database editor in Ultiboard





If you can show us what capacitor are you going to use, we can help you.

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