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MS13. Bus Entry Connection window

Hello everybody.


there is my question\ suggestion -  I am using MS 13 - and have to use a lot of bus connections in my design.


when I do connect wire to bus , MS opens for bus entry connection window.

so far so good.

but some how I can see only 6 top lines in that window directly and the rest with scrolling down.

the window could be re sized to show more \all lines, but after I click OK button and have to open that window again - it again appears with 6 top lines shown - it means that window does not remember it was re sized a moment ago.

and it becoming really annoying if I have to connect a lot of wires to the bus.

bus vector connection window does remember resizing instead .

the problem is I can not use vector connections for separate wires (not IC leads)



could it be reconfigured?

could it be fixed in next version please?


thanks a lot




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Hello aa232004,


I have researched and made some tests on my side and Multisim doesn't seem to include this feature/configuration yet. I can mention this as an idea for the future, but the best way you can make this feedback get to R&D would be through the ''Ideas Exchange'' page, so I encourage you to post this same message in there so it can be heard by the right group.


"Additional NI Software Idea Exchang"


Thank you for pointing this, it is very useful for improving our products in the future.


Best regards!

Daniel C.



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