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MCU programming in Multisim 14.3



Everyone knows that since version 14.3 the obsolete MCU module has been removed. But now I have received a tutorial that describes the behavior in an older version of Multisim than those installed on the machines. Obviously, the task must be completed at any cost.
Is there a way to program and simulate the operation of the 8051 microprocessor with just one program?


Thank you!


P.S. I tried to download the schematic file containing the 8051 component, but got a warning that support has been removed.

P.P.S. Multisim 14.3 has a "Place MCU" button, but it just opens the last used section in the component palette



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How do I select PIC, PIC16F84 if there is not MCU module tab??? Please point me to right direction. 

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