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MCU 8052 Assembler

Good afternoon,
I have finished a project and I want to export it so that someone else can open it. But, when copying the project (.ms14), and "MCU Workspaces" to another folder, when executing the project it gives me the following error:



Errors: main.asm

No listing file generated by assembler. (Invalid $INCLUDE directive? Semi-colon after $MOD directive?)

Assembler results: 1 - Errors, 0 - Warnings


I have tried to delete "main.asm" and put it again, and I keep getting the same error.

What I can do?

P.S. I have used an 8052 MCU


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Hi almugutii,



You can post the entire lines containing the errant  $INCLUDE and $MOD directives.



Best regards,

G. Goodwin


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