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Looking for a photoresistor component in Multisim

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I can't find a photoresistor component in Multisim. Does anyone know any database for photoresistor components? Thanks in advance!

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Accepted by topic author annebec02

Hello  annebec02,


NI Multisim doesn't simulate light. This is the reason that there are no Light Dependent Resistors (LDR) in Multisim. Instead of a Photoresistor, you can use a Voltage Controlled Resistor.


Or if you want to draw a Photoresistor for your scheme, you can use Component Wizard to do it. The link below might help you.


Creating a Custom Component in NI Multisim - National Instruments


Best Regards.

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Фотодиоды и фоторезисторы в программе всё равно управляются напряжением, так что такая замена весьма эффективна и универсальна, а "ухудшить" свойства под реальный компонент всегда можно



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