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Looking for MC1496 - any custom part library?

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I have attached file here. Please double click it. It will show three files. Now double click on LM1496N.ms11 and store this in user database.

Parjit Sandhu

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Hello Tayyab


I have attached a file here, please double click it. It contain four files. I have made 1496 from its individual components, but still it is not working WHY ?

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I don't the time to debug someone else's model, but attached here is a working MC1496 component.  If you have trouble with this component, then you'll probably need multisim training.  It works.

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Okay, replying to my own post.


My company is moving away from the MC1496 for one big reason:  The recent date codes of the MC1496 exhibit an increased sensitivity to temperature.  As compared to 2007 date codes, the 2011 date codes are extremely temperature sensitive (up to 5 to 27% FSO/deg C), that is, 5 to 27 times the drift of the 2007 date codes.  So far On Semi has been dragging their feet, primarily because they don't test for temperature sensitivity.  My suggestion is that you design with discrete components (transistor pairs), even if all you do is follow the MC1496 schematic.  This way you have more control of your design.  One way to mitgate the temperature drift is to make sure that you do not run more than 2 to 3 ma through the bias resistor (pin 5).  The larger the bias current, the more temperature sensitivity you will experience.  This, of course, may make your output decrease, making you use higher gains, with resulting higher noise, downstream.



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Sorry, that I have created a problem for you for the circuit of 1496


Now I have used your so called  working model for 1496. You can check its results your self !


If you have a circuit for AM modulation which is working please send to me

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All I can spare is a quick look at your circuit and first off, there is one glaring error and several mistakes in biasing.  My suggestion is that you go to the On Semiconductor site ( and download the datasheet and application note AN531 and read them. 

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the code is not working


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