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Looking for MC1496 - any custom part library?

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Please try the attached spice model, if working pl tell me also

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I'm trying to understand this 'dance of the pins'.  Are you saying that although the subcircuit lists the pins as 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 14, as far as the model is concernted the pins are 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10?




Kaman Precision Products

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Okay, replying to my own message.  Yes, as I stated, that is the case, so pin 7 of the model (subckt pin 😎 must be routed to pin 8 of the symbol.  Now my model works.

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If your circuit is working with 1496, please send me its file so that i can run it on multisim also !

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My circuit for Amplitude modulation with 1496 is not working. I am unable to attach this file because its extension is in ms12 (not valid), so if u send me your e-mail then i can try

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I'm not sure what you are looking for.  As far as I know, I can't export a working part to send to you to import into Multisim.  You have to go into Component Wizard and create the footprint, then you can copy/paste the model.  On this board, there is a model for the LM1496, which is the same chip as the MC1496, just a different manufacturer, however, you do have to do the work in component manager to get the part into Multisim.  I don't know of any other way, unless someone else knows....

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Hi didymus7,


If you have a working part, you can place it on a schematic and post it. Someone who views the schematic can right-click and select Add Selection to DB.


Hope this helps.


Tayyab R,
National Instruments.
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I have tried to zip the required please download and unzip and check!

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hey i have the same circuit & i've falloed all etapes but still doesn't work can u tell me how exactly did u add the MC1496 To multisim plz

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