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Looking Ultiboard text font = EAGLE vector font text ???




I use Ultiboard v.12 and for some time I looking for a good alternative to the text font used in EAGLE (text font for parts numbering and values).

I created below an image that better represents what I wanted to say.


I try to instal more fonts in Windows but we have not found anything like 100% and what was similar wasn't accepted by PCB factory on the grounds,  because, pcb factory reason, quote: "not linear text format".


I like very much Ultiboard, if it had writing (text font) of EAGLE.


Please can you help me with some advice or a suitable font text ???


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Hello Pub2050


Actually I have installed that specific ultiboard version and I could change the text font. I attached one picture that shows that.





You just need to right click on the component and after that select properties and you should be able to see the attribute Properties and select the Font… button.


I hope this information will be useful for you.



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thanks for the reply but you don't understand me (I know my English is not very good!),

I'm looking for a windows font as the one used in EAGLE (see my picture above).




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Hi pub2050


Don’t worry for that. Ok, let me see you need to use the same font that EAGLE uses, right?

If you could use the fonts that you installed I recommend you that find the better option to you. On the other hand I was trying to find a similar font and this is pretty similar (see below).




I apologize for the situation.



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