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Ladder programming in Multisim, Where is rungs

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Accordingly with this text creatingladderdiagram , to add some ladder rungs, i need to Select Place»Place ladder rungs.


But in the Place top menu i was unable to find the Place ladder rungs option.


Where this Place ladder rungs option are found?

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   According to the HELP file. This option is only available on Education Editions, and version 14.0.1 based on a previous threads.

You could get access to that version if you have an active standard service program (SSP) membership.


Ladder Diagrams

You can use the Education edition of Multisim to capture and simulate Ladder Diagrams. These diagrams are electrically based, as opposed to the binary/digital representations employed by ladder logic. Diagrams of this type are used extensively for industrial motor control designs.

Ladder Diagrams are able to drive output devices or take input data from regular schematics and embed the instructions on how input states affect output states in either the same schematic or separate hierarchical blocks or subcircuits that contain the Ladder Diagram.


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