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Interactive of the Power Source


Hi, My name is Bianca Gaskins and I'm an electrical engineering student from Georgia Piedmont Technical College.


 I have a question for you?


How do you fix the Multisim software with the power source is being empty and you can't turn on because you ran out of power and you can't do your project of electrical engineering? Multisim software wants me to fix it but I don't know how to fix it because the interactive sign of the screw through the setting wants me to add numbers to the power source. Should I ask my instructor about the software for more help?


Bianca Gaskins




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  • If you have a multisim question, post in the multisim forum (post now moved here) instead of the feedback forum.
  • Yes, ask your instructor.
  • There are better ways to take a screenshot (prtscrn buttom comes to mind) than taking a 7MB+ photograph. Maybe the instructor can show you that too.

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