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Incongruent net definitions found for bus Bus1

I have followed all the help file outlines and there are no solutions to this. I am really getting annoyed with Ultiroute and its cryptic operational feedback and zero support from EWB.

I have created a net group in multisim, transferred that to UB. The net group is called "display all" and that is displayed in the UB spreedsheet. I go group editor and create an empty group called bus1. I sort all the nets by "display all" and select the bus group cell highlights and add those highlighted to the bus group entry of bus1. I change all the nets to daisy chain as the help file describes. I keep getting the error message above and no bus nets are routable and UR kicks out.

So lets review, I follow the instructions, perform all tasks, and it fails miserably. What now? Any thoughts from others who have had this problem?

The bussing system for MS, UB, and UR are supposed to be seriously overhauled in V10 as I was told, that would be a welcoming change!

This stupid problem has followed ver 7, 8 , and now 9. I always have to send the file to EWB for "evaluation". I shouldn't have to keep releasing my work for something that we PAID for to function as described......this just chaps my a..



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I know that the Tech Support Dept. has previously spoken to you about this problem. It is unfortunate that users find themselves having trouble with a feature not working as expected. As you mention, our next release, v10, will reflect the major changes in architecture, engine estability and quality control since the NI acquisition. Customer feedback is one of the major areas that are changing in benefit of customers, be assured that any suggestion or feedback is discussed and escalated.

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