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Importing SPICE model for BFP720F BJT transistor in Multisim

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I'm trying to get the SPICE model for the BFP720F transistor provided by Infineon to work in Multisim.

I've attached the model as provided by the manufacturer.

If I import it as-is, I get error messages about "invalid node identifier '<4>'" (I've translated that from German, so it might not be exactly this message in the english version).

So I tried replacing all the '<4>' with '4', which seems to help, but now the error is "Temperature adjusted parameter 'VJC(PC)' is negative" and "Incorrect use of model parameters"... Now I really don't know what to make of this.


Is the provided model in a wrong format? Can I somehow get it into the right one so I'm able to use it?


As I need this for my semester project at university, any help would be highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi EE-Student, 


can you give me a Step by Step of how you get the error? Are you using the component wizzard?


Here is a small tutorial:


Importing a SPICE Netlist for Simulation in NI Multisim - National Instruments


A different solution might be to modify a similar component that is already available in the database:


How Can I Import a SPICE Model Into Multisim? - National Instruments


I hope this helps you along, otherwise just post the steps, so I can reproduce the issue.





Niko NR
Systems Engineer, National Instruments
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Accepted by topic author EE-Student
05-25-2016 08:33 AM

Hi NikoNR,


While writing a detailed description of what I did exactly using the component wizard, creating the component again in Multisim from scratch, I found that there are different SPICE models provided in the package meant to be used with AWR MWO. They have a different file extention, but are normal SPICE text files inside.

It turns out that these actually work with Multisim! The difference is small, there's only a temperature parameter (TNOM) which is absent in these models, as opposed to the "general" one I first tried to use. It seems that Multisim had a problem with this parameter, leading to the error I've encountered.


So anyway, the problem is resolved now. Thanks for your assistance Smiley Happy


Have a nice day,

(The now a lot happier) EE-Student



Edit: I've attached the SPICE model I ended up using, in case anyone ever encounters a similar problem. The only modification I've made to this, is to replace the '<4>' with '4' in the diode part (only one occurrence here). I had to zip it to be able to upload it with it's original extention (.mdl).

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