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Ideal reverse transit time of 2N2222


 I am trying to simulate the transient response of bipolar NPN transistors, such as 2N2222.

If you look at the device model of 2N2222, there are “Ideal forward transit time” (TF=0.325ns) and “Ideal reverse transit time” (TR=100ns). However, if you look at the switching characteristics provided by the manufacturer (ON Semiconductor), the delay time td=10ns, the rise time tr=25 ns, the storage time ts = 225 ns and the fall time tf = 60 ns. How they relates? Is not TR the sum of ts and tf?

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If you are working on 2n2222, then you must have a look at Introduction to 2n2222. They have shared a lot of info on it and have also given its Proteus simulation.



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