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I want to ask a question about Voltage probe tool.


Hi! I am using Online Multisim Simulation software. I want to ask a question about Voltage probe tool. I want to measure a circuit output voltage with oscilloscope.But there is no oscilloscope on the software.So I used voltage probe tool.But I want to know real effect of oscilloscope input empedance(1Mohm/50pF).I want to ask if voltage probe have input empedance. if not I will connect parallel 1Mohm/50pF output of the circuit for simulate the real oscilloscope input empedance. Please help me. Thanks.

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Hi xyzserkan,



There is no discussion about the insertion effects of probes in Help. Also, there is no item relating to this matter in the configuration pane (opened by selecting the probe then clicking the gear icon). Based on my observation when simulating circuits, the probes are ideal.


The Voltage Probe in Multisim Live has infinite (∞) input impedance so if you want to simulate the effect of real voltage probe you have to manually insert its input model (e.g., 1 MΩ || 50 pF) to your circuit.



Best regards,

G. Goodwin


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