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I noticed that the 3D view of the D-Sub connector does not use the "Use 2D data to create 3D shape" How do you create and attach to a custom part a custom 3D rendering



Have you tried this guide?


Creating a Custom Component in NI Ultiboard


I think step 8 says something about creating your custom 3D Landpattern.  I must tell you though, you can only create 3D models for 1 component at a time. You cannot attach a custom part to a 3D model.  If you want to do that you would need another software tool like SolidWorks or something like that.





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Yes I did see that app note.  If you open the 9 pin NORCOMP D sub connector and show it in 3D it is a fairly complex rendering,  far more than just an extruded rectangle.  Also look at the 3D tabs in the part properties and you can see that the "Use 2D data to create 3D shape" is not checked (unlike in the app note).  There must be a way to render 3D models other than checking the box.  Also the auto 3D generation that Ultiboard does for multi row right angle connectors is less than perfect.  But thank you for your suggestion.  I appreciate your time in this matter.

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