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I cannot open my multisim 2001.

A message box appears and inside is a forward slash ( \ ). 
The splash screen appears behind the message box and goes through LOADSDLL(with a bunch of targets or whatever cycleing through)?
The only thing I did recently was uninstall the freeware edition of Multisim 9 with EWB shared components.  Could this be the problem and if so why is it linked
with multisim 2001?  Please help.  I am a student and even multisim 2001 I got for 15 bucks helps out a lot.
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The freeware version should not have affected the Multisim 2001 as they are independent of each other.  When you startup Multisim and get a dll error messages, this is usually an indication of an install problem. I would try to reinstall the program.

Make sure you clean up your machine before you do this. 

  1. Remove Multisim through the add/remove program utility from your control panel
  2. delete the Multisim install folder
  3. reinstall Multisim



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