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I am missing some components in MultiSim Verson 10.1.1

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I am trying to do some school homework using MultiSim 10.1.1.  When I go into the parts, I am missing specifically 74LS283 4-bit Binary Adder IC.  There is no version of this in any of the families listed.  How do I update or inport updates for my database?


I am not the most computer literate, so please keep it simple in any explanations.  I thank anyone and everyone that can help ahead of time.

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You may have bought a Multisim Student Edition, but your school has the Education version and it is more expansive and has more features and components. I didn't check the Student Edition to see if this component is available, but if it is, you will find it by selecting Place>>Component, go to the "TTL" group and select the "74LS" family. If you don't see this component in your database, open the attached file, it has 74LS283 on the schematic and you can build your circuit around it.

Tien P.

National Instruments
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You were correct in that I have a student version of the software.  I am an instructor, but the school refuses to purchase an instructor version for us to use.  I used your attached file and copied the 74LS283 IC to my circuit and it works like a champ.  Thank you very much.  John Foster

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sir iam missing some components in mutlisim 14.2 as i need IC7483 Component sir but it is not availabe in my mutlisim sir could you pls help mee its so urgent for mee as i have pratical sir

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