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How to sweep the duty cycle of a PWM signal in multisim 14? thanks

Hi team,

    I`d like to add a PWM signal source for my simulation in multisim 14 version, then sweep the duty cycle parameter of it to check the related output. which signal source should I select as the PWM signal in the library? as I know some sources have not duty cycle parameter, the other source`s duty cycle parameter cannot be sweep, so I confused to select the right signal source, please give me some support for this question, thanks.



    Shawn Li 

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Hi Shawn Li,



I don't have Multisim, I am only a Free Subscription user of Multisim Live so I can only provide limited answer to your question.


In Multisim Live the component Clock Voltage has a Duty Cycle parameter but I don't know if this parameter can be swept. Parameter Sweep is only available to Premium Account Access. There is Digital Clock also but this is only available to Premium Account Access, again, I cannot verify if its duty cycle can be swept. Try to find the counterpart of these components in Multisim (Desktop).


For Premium Account Access

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Components

 are also available. Find the counterparts of these components in Multisim (Desktop).



Best regards,

G. Goodwin


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Hi GGoodwin,

    Thanks for your reply!

    I added the digital clock source V2 in my circuit, but I haven`t found the correct selection for sweeping duty cycle parameter as the 2nd picture.





   Shawn Li


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Just read my previous reply again. The information that will help you accomplish the task is there.


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I don`t care the type of signal source, I just focus on how to sweep the duty cycle. now this question still yet, thanks for your answer!




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In my first reply I clearly stated that I don't have Multisim (Desktop) application and I don't have Premium Access to Multisim Live. I just want to share the limited information that I gained from my Free Subscription access to Multisim Live. Oftentimes, due to these limitations, I cannot give definite answer(s). On the other hand, I believe that by giving hints or pointers I might help fellow members help themselves.


For the components that I presented, it should have been very clear that I cannot test which parameters can be swept. Then, if the duty cycle cannot be swept for the clocks you should have explored another option before posting your first reply to me. I quote the third paragraph of my first reply:


For Premium Account Access Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Components are also available. Find the counterparts of these components in Multisim (Desktop).


You used a PWM component just in your latest reply instead of exploring this option earlier.


I would like to help you but give consideration to my limitations. I don't exactly know if my recommendation will work. Referring to the schematic diagram image that you attached, replace V1 (sine wave input to PWM generator) with a battery (DC voltage source). Try sweeping the voltage of the battery (value of DC voltage) to obtain a set of duty cycles from PWM generator output.


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