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How to program eprom memory content within Multisim 9?

Is it a way to "program" eprom memory chip (e.g. 27C32) within the Multisim environment?
I can't find any option that would allow for modifing memory content.
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The EEPROMs appear as green-colour components, which means they are only for schematic purposes. Not for simulation.

With the MCU or VHDL modules you can do some programming for those environments... but for EEPROMs there is no option for programming them.

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Thank you. The problem is that I want to simulate the "microprogrammable" circuit containing memory and the flip-flop registers. Do you have any idea how to do it in Multisim? Is it possible in any way?


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What exactly do you mean by microprogrammable circuit?... in the Multisim environment the only emulators available are for MCU (MultiMCU) and VHDL (MultiVHDL).

Do you have an example diagram of what you want to build?... I can tell you right away  if its possible or not...


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The diagram below shows the exemplary circuit. Memory stores program that describe FSM and outputs.
Maybe there is an other memory type that could be programmed and tested?
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O.K. I have been thinking about this and maybe have come up with a solution that could help. According to nestor this IC is just for drawing purpose and I (if I understand this correctly) has no model information. Why wouldn't it be possible to find a model of that IC and create your own?. After all you already have the symbol so all you need is a model. I don't know if this is feasible or not, but you could try and  see if this would work for you. That's about all I know on the subject. I hope I was able to help you in this matter.
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Thanks for  your help. Since this question was from my student actually, I passed him your answers. Finally,  he decided to build the circuit and verify it in the hardware.



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