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How to import Spice model net list to Multisim


Dear forum,

I am Using Multisim and Ultiboard software for circuit simulation and PCB Development.

I am facing issue while creating custom component in multisim.

i will be attaching the all the screen shots for better understanding of my problems in multisim.

MUltisim1.pngOpened new design FileMultisim2.pngCreating the custom component (Tool-custom component wizard)Multisim4.pngFilling up Custom component name and author filed.Multisim5.pngSelecting the Footprint type and Number of pin count.Multisim6.pngCreating a symbol for LM1117Multisim7.pngAssigning the pin direction. What is section column means there?Multisim8.pngMapping of pins with footprintMultisim9.pngafter mapping of all the pinsMultisim10.pngModel name and Spice model file.Multisim11.pngPin mapping tableMultisim12.pngAdding component to analog family

Multisim13.pngCircuit is created based on the typical application information

Multisim14.pngSimulation is running, Red line is input and Blue line is Output.No output at channel B. 

Multisim15.pngUsing this spice model

For customizing the design which spice model need to be used and how to do pin mapping for custom created symbol. 

There is one video for to showcase this how to create custom model and importing spice model to that, but that video is not much help full to know the things. is there any better video to know how to import custom spice model to multisim. kindly help me to get solution for this problem.

First zip file is original zip file. Second zip file is edited one, in second zip file .cir file was not there so i copied the net list of LM1117 IC. made .Cir file myself.

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