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How to create a custom SMT pad?

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I would like to use a Philips Lumiled K2 poser led in a design.

This has a hexagonal ashaped pad below the Led.


I created a footprint that works fine, my design looks OK

But I don't like the way I had to make it.....


Let  me explain, I have drawn a haxagonal shape, and made a corresponding paste mask and solder mask...

Then I added a round SMT pin so I could give the new pad a name (so I can use it in my schematics (pin5)


But there should be an easier way...

In the Ultiboard parts editor, when creating a custom pad, I have the possibility to add a 'custom' pad.

Then a window opens to select a custom pad from the database

(check the filter in the screenshot, it says 'custom pad shape'.) but I can't find any custom shape in the databases....


So, next setp, I would like to create my own custom pads, polygonal, and any odd shape smt pad,

And give that one pad  a pin name (attribute Number....)

How can I create such a custom pad?


Best regards



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Hi johan,

so you can create a custom pad: Tools, Database,Database Manager.Select filter: Custom Pad Shape. Filter Parts: Createnew part. Custom Pade Shape OK. A design window opens. Now you can create a shape in any form you like, by  place shapes ( polygon or circle or...) Be shure the reference point is inside the shape. File, Save to database. Give a name. File, Close. If you now create a new part you can use the new pad like any other pad in the system.

regards gerhard

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I am using Ultiboard for a number of years, but I would never have found this 'path' to make a new custom pad.

I always tried through the parts editor....

You made my designing-life a lot easier!


Thanks a lot


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