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How do you lock toolbar placement in MultiSim 9

How do you lock the toolbars in place in Multisim 9. If I minimize the workspace, do other work, and maximize the workspace later, the toolbars return to some default position. They seem to stack vertically and make the drawing sheet smaller. I can't find a lock in any dialogs.
Dr. Jay
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Have you updated your software to the latest patch?... I believe that was addressed on one of the service packs or patches... check the support page:

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I can't seem to download any of the updates. I did get a "Critical alert" and a fix from SUU but I can't use the link that's in the alert.

Dr. J

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Contact support, from that page you can find the details on how to contact support. They can check if your license is up to date and how to download updates...
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