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How do I make the virtual motor work in multisim?

The motor has an excitation coil(terminals 3 & 4) and armature(terminals 1 & 2) and a terminal to monitor motor rpm. No mater what value of dc battery I use, the rpm is always negative and approx. ~
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Ye, I also want to know that. Any one can help?   :manhappy:
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There appears to be a problem with the motor model where the meter is always outputting a negative RPM.  This problem will be forward to

to correct in future release.  For now, reverse the volt meter connection to show positive RPM.


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I think the problem lies within the standard values of the MOTOR_VIRTUAL. If you place a MOTOR_VIRTUAL, it has a relatively high load torque, which is larger than the torque the motor can drive at any voltage. If I use the following settings, and drive the Motor from 0-100V it works as expected.

See also attached an example file which implements an TTL encoder mounted on the motor axes.

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Peter Griese
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