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How do I install Multisim 6.11 on a machine with no com port?

I have Multisim 6.11 installed on a H/W platform with a COM (printer) port, and wish to move it to another platform that does not have a parallel COM port. How do I do this?
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I would assume you are trying to install a version that uses a dongle for licensing... if you are, you might 'try' one of those port replicators, usually have a USB to parallel port type of interfase. I cannot guarantee is going to work, so that is why I say, 'try' in case you can find someone that can lend you one of those.

I used to have one of those dongles for AutoCAD, and had to do the same on a new laptop, that port replicator did worked fine... I never tried it on EWB though.

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