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How do I get the product key/activation code for the student edition?

I purchased and downloaded the student edition of circuit design suite v12.  When I go to launch the program I am asked to enter the product code/key to activate the product or begin the evaluation mode.  I purchased the student edition so I could do more than the evaluation.  Where do I find the activation code so I can begin using this for homework assignments?

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The activation code should have been given to you when you purchased it. If it was online, contact the seller, it was probably given to you in an email.


Kind regards,

Miguel V
National Instruments
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Thanks for the reply. The issue has been resolved.
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please send act code

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Hi there,


Here is a tutorial on how to activate Multisim:


How to Activate NI Multisim



Fernando D.
National Instruments

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i just downloaded student edition for 6 months....tell me how to activate it

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how do i get the activation key because i collected the software from a friend via a USB flash drive and the activation key was not found in it.....i really need it urgent cause we are given an assignment which we are to submit on this thursday....

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You can keep LabVIEW with a trial for 7 days and if you register you could have +30 days more. Just download LabVIEW (2017 for 32bit) and follow the instructions.


If you want to use LabVIEW for 6 months use this link.

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