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Hidden component values can be seen in spreadsheet view

We use Multisim in an electronic classroom and for a certain type of exercises we hide component values. To do so we select 'Hide Component values' at the 'Circuit restrictions' dialog box. The problem is that a student still can see those values at the Components tab in the Spreadsheet View. Why are these values not marked as Restricted in the spreadsheet view as this is done in the property box?
Turning off the spreadsheet view via a Customized User Interface is no solution for us as this is then applied to all circuits. Some of our other exercises do need the spreadhseet view.
Are there any other options to solve this?
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The work around is to edit the component value and resave it to your user database.  Double click on the component and select Edit component in dbàGeneral tab, change the information in the Name field.  The spreadsheet gets its information from here, but the model will still have correct value and the circuit will work as expected.  Remember to lock down the circuit so the students do not have access the component edit mode.


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Above mentioned solution works very well for components. Recently we added an exercise where students need to determine by measurement the used AC power source, so the values of the power source need to be hidden at all times. As power sources cannot be saved into the user database, we are stuck as the values of these restricted power sources still remain visible in the spreadsheet view.
Is there also a work-around for this problem?
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