Multisim and Ultiboard

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i tried to build this circuit but im not sure if its correct. 
can someone please tell me if its correct or if its not 

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Hi ghada382,



I think you've built it correctly but you may want to make improvements on these aspects:


  • The wire that connects the input voltage (V1) to scope overlapped the Vcc connector symbol. You can move the entire circuit towards the bottom of the sheet, where you have plenty of space, then adjust the wires on the top.
  • The wires that connect the two channels of the scope to ground are messy. Try finding shorter and cleaner paths, putting a ground connector near the scope will help a lot.


Some parameters which are relevant to the operation of the circuit might have been stipulated in the text of the problem but are not in the circuit diagram, verify BJT's β and temperature.


Of course you may want to provide a more descriptive title for your next post.



Best regards,

G. Goodwin


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If you will build the actual circuit, it's more likely that you will use polarized electrolytic for 10 μF capacitors. Thus, it could be more beneficial to opt for the capacitor symbol from your reference instead of the nonpolarized symbol you are currently using.


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