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Help find a relay LY2N-DC24

Hello, I am somewhat new to multisim, we used it in some of my college courses. 


I have been assigned a task of creating a circuit diagram and it contains a relay that I cannot find in Multisim. The part number on the relay is LY2N-DC24V. I do not have to have the exact one, since this will not be a operational schematic, just a visual representation.



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Hi Jigg,


You can find relay symbols in a few places in the database.  Select Place>>Component then go to the Basic Group>>Relay family, check the Basic Virtual family as well, there are few more symbol in this family.  You can also go to the Electro Mechanical group, there some relays and coil symbols in this group.


If you can't find a symbol you need, can create one. Since you don't need this part for simulation, go through the component and to create you symbol.

Have a look at these tutorials:

On step 1, click the "Layout" only radio button, this will skip the model import section.


In the symbol editor, look at this knowledge base to change your symbol size:

Tien P.

National Instruments
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