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Graphing change in resistance vs. change in current.

I've been trying to run a simulation demonstrating change in current produced by change in a resistor in a simple circuit. I would like to generate a simple graph using one of the simulation analyses in Multisim 10 Student Edition. Presumably the Parameter Sweep analysis would perform such a function, but a transient analysis does not generate a curve. Using DC Voltage point yeilds the correct data but does not produce a graph. Does anyone know how to generate a graph for a DC circuit over a range of resistances (other than exporting the data to Excell and graphing it there)?
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Hi Rick,


You can not get a direct graph for I vs. R in Multisim through the analysis, the parameter sweep you mentioned should give you the result but you do have to export the data to Excel.  The work around use the voltage control resistor and by using DC sweep, you should be able to get the graph you are looking for.  You can find the voltage control resistor is the “Basic virtual” family. 


The attached circuit, I have set everything up for the DC sweep.



Tien P.

National Instruments
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Tien - many thanks! You have perfectly answered my questions and provided a very useful tool.

All the best,


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