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Flip Flop inverted outputs

I doubt this is the appropriate place, but I can't find a generic email address to send this question/suggestion...

In Multisim v14.1, the 74ls74 graphic correctly shows an inverting bubble on the output ~Q, but the 74LS76 (JK flip flop) does not have this bubble on ~Q. I know 14.1 is not the current version but I am curious if NI realizes, has gotten feedback, etc. I have used this for several years and never noticed this oversight. One of my students brought it up today. 

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It might be a good idea to cross-post this to the Multisim/Ultiboard forum here (  If you do, please include a link back to your idea post.

Usually questions, requests for help, and reports of potential bugs go on the discussion forums, while feature suggestions go in the idea exchange.

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