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Exporting schematic from Multisim to Cadence Allegro

My company owns a copy of Allegro and Multisim.  I'm having a bit of a hard time convincing the powers-that-be that we need another SPICE/schematic capture and/or PCB layout program.

Does anyone have a method for getting schematics, hopefully with footprint and pinout information, from Multisim to Allegro?  I've been searching the net for a while now off and on, and I'm coming up empty on this.  The best I can come up with is a straight netlist export/import, but then I have the issue of updating part libraries in both programs.  So, I thought I'd throw the question to this forum and see if anyone else has dealt with the same or similar issues and has either a solution or a "can't be done in a reasonable amount of time" conclusion they'd like to share.  (I mean, I'm pretty sure I could WRITE a program to convert between the two, but it would take half a year or more at my next-to-nil level of expertise in the file formats of each program.  Way before that point, Orcad or Ultiboard would be cheaper).

Thanks for your time,
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I feel like my investment with Multisim is a waste . The tech support is a waste and they don't respond in a timely manner  and want you to pay for it and when they give an answer  it often don't resolve the issue . 

For example , there parts data base cannot be imported from  mouser , almost every major company who dose the same thing as Multisim/ Ultiboard  you can get the footprint and symbols imported into the CAD you are using.

Multisim/ Ultiboard  we been waiting on them for years now with no response from  Multisim/ Ultiboard.

The people from SamacSys   says they have been waiting too and it is quite easy to do . Multisim/ Ultiboard  needs better management , this makes me wanna switch CAD to some other .




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