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Error opening Library Error 2000.

Hi Ultiboard user
After installing Ultiboard 7 under Windows XP, i get the Error Message: Error opening Library Error 2000. How knows a solution.
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What OS do you have?
Did you log into the machine with a admin or user account?
Did you get any error message during the installation?
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Verify the paths in ultiboard are correct.

In ultiboard go to options, preferences, paths and verify the directories.

Also verify that you are an administrator or have user permissions to write to the ewb directory.

If all else fails, close Ultiboard and delete the configuration files in X:\Program Files\Electronics Workbench\Ultiboard 7\Ultiboard Users >>>>>>> .ewcfg file extensions. (That should be the right path, if not do a search for the .ewcfg extension in the ultiboard directory)

Launch Ultiboard and it will rebuild these files from scratch.

If that don't work, uninstall the Ultiboard complete and reinstall (saving all your files in those directories if they exist)


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