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Error in Capacitors Voltage Distribution - Multisim

Peace upon you !

Yesterday when i was working on multisim,Studying the behaviour of capacitors in different combinations, I found a very abnormal behaviour of multisim.The software can't distributes the voltages correctly across the capacitors in series in a loop. We can say there is a Bug in the software....

I wondered the simulation shows zero voltage across the capacitor connected in series when the voltage source is connected to the ends of the combination.

As you know guys :

Voltage distributes across the capacitors in series.



What I Done :


Placed three capacitors of same capacitances in series on a board.

Applied 12V across the capacitors.

Put the oscilloscope on each ends of capacitors and measured the voltages.

bandicam 2019-09-04 11-54-16-730.jpg


What I found:

The voltage across the C1 : 6V


bandicam 2019-09-04 11-55-04-826.jpg



The voltage across the C2 : 0V



bandicam 2019-09-04 11-54-43-188.jpg



The voltage across the C3 : 6V



bandicam 2019-09-04 11-54-16-730.jpg



Then I used The ground ( I thought that the error may because of not placing the ground )

bandicam 2019-09-04 11-55-45-365.jpg


But it remains  the same...................................

How could it possible that there is no voltage drop across the capacitors.................xD


Azher Ali Khan

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I'm not sure, but maybe it happened, because the model of capacitors is configured some different way and program recognize it like you cut the line when putting capacitors like this in DC mode. Try this on AC mode  or try to implement your model.

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But it's working when I do transient analysis.

Yes Also working on AC supply.

Buy not working with DC

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If you can send the screenshot of transient analysis.

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I recommend these Multisim settings:


1. Simulation settings -> Initial conditions -> User defined





2. Capacitor:  check the selection box  IC = 0V


This worked well for me.






Dan3Vi has shared a circuit with you:

Esperimenti con i condensatori in serie

(Experiments with series connected capacitors)

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